Tuesday, July 29, 2008

....Sewell Chan....

...sure, Sewell Chan is sooo fair, that when
he moderates comments on his NYT Blog
he surely allows the friendly posters with
points of view he agrees with, and
includes the opposite side to be filled with
only posters that sound like uneducated
rednecks with an IQ of 80 or less.
Listen up Sewell, you are a despicable
human being, no wonder The New York Times
loves you and has you as the local in-house
reporter. But what you don't know, is that
they are USING you for their dirty work.
If I were you I'd have a little more self
respect and honor. Your parents and
grandparents would be ashamed of you.

Sunday, July 27, 2008



No smoking hot spot | The Australian

No smoking hot spot The Australian

Are 250000 scientists all being paid off
by the oil companies? I doubt it. It's funny
how so many people believe the lies of
global warming. P.T. Barnum said it best:
"there's a sucker born every minute"
....how true.




Just happened to notice that all the negative comments on this article are from individuals who never listen to
the Michael Savage Show regularly, clearly pointing out their utter ignorance on what Savage says or doesn't
say. If any one of you sits down with an open mind and really LISTEN to what Savage has to say, will
understand that he is talking about the misdiagnosed children, not the truly afflicted with this horrible
condition. I know that this campaign to drive him off the radio is not about Autism, it's about politics. Those of you who
wish to silence Savage are doing it not because of what he said; "99 percent..." but because you want to use
old Soviet style pressure to censor a point of view different than yours. You don't fool me for a minute, and
how sad it is that the vast majority of the people don't realize they are being suppressed by the straitjacket of
the thought police by well meaning useful idiots that are doing the enemies of freedom and this country the
dirty work for them.For all of you who are stirring the cooking pot while you yourself are in it, I have two words for you: GET LOST.

Edward S. Isaacs.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Making the World Safe for Theocracy

July 11, 2008

Making the World Safe for Theocracy
Theocratic Iran continues to challenge Western democracies. Missiles designed to do in 6 minutes what Hitler did in 6 years to 6 million Jews were test fired by this radical Islamic theocracy. The Hitler of Iran has threatened to kill every Jewish person in Israel even if it costs Iran 50 percent of its population. Iran has imprisoned British sailors and sent a fleet of rubber boats against gigantic U.S. warships. Where is a strong statement from our president? Where is the bold warning against an enemy who has threatened us and our allies again and again? Nowhere. Silence and weak words are all that have come out of the White House and the West. This is not the first time a nation led by a despot built up its military in defiance of the international community. In the 1930s Adolph Hitler cast aside the restrictions on the size of his military imposed on Germany after World War One and created the Wermacht and the Luftwaffe. Now the Hitler of Iran is launching missiles, flaunting his nation's nuclear technology, and threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz. Israel may act against Iran, but with the corrupt weakling Olmert in power, even this most basic act of self preservation is in doubt. Bush, the Chamberlain of our time, refuses to act. All he does is rattle the sabers of the 5th Fleet. And why won't Bush act to save Western democracies from this madman? One, he doesn't want to rock the boat because of his ties to the Seven Sister oil companies and two, because he's writing his legacy. He wants liberal journalists and historians to write books about what a great statesman and peacemaker he really was. And so to fuel his own vanity, he lets the cancer of Iran metastasize and spread throughout the world. If Bush were to unleash the military might of the United States on this petty dictator and seize control of the Iranian oil fields, we could regain control of the Middle East, greatly reduce oil prices, and save Israel from a second Holocaust. Instead Bush has decided to make the world safe for theocracy. And that's something everyone but the far left Democrats understand we have to fight.
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